Baby Center

Cribs and feeding rooms are provided.

There is a Baby Center at each Gate, so please do not hesitate to use its services.

Major Services

  • Provision of cribs and feeding rooms
  • Provision of hot water for baby formula
  • Lending strollers
  • Provision of benches for resting
  • Vending machines that sell drinks (fee required)


  • Childcare is not provided at Baby Centers. Please use the Child-Care Center at the North Gate. (Fee required)
  • Strollers are intended for use for children up to age 2.
  • In principle, strollers are lent out up to one hour before closing.
  • Please return strollers to the nearest Baby Center by closing time.
  • Diapers and powdered formula are not sold at the Baby Centers.
  • Magnifying glasses, reading glasses, and writing tablets are available for use inside this facility.