Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards

Commemorative symposium and awards ceremony

Seto Area opening hours

9:00-18:00 (for the duration of the Expo)


Eco-fashion show held

Fashions created by four globally active designers presented


Goodbye to the seven colors of Kiccoro

All-Star Show and Parade comes to an end

The seven different-colored Kiccoro bid goodbye to the audience.


Typhoon No. 14 approaches

Braving warnings of strong winds, 13,860 wait for the Expo to open. Total attendance this day comes to 155,915.


One-day attendance breaks 250,000!

Some 30,000 people already waiting in line for the Expo when it opens at 8:25 am. The final count for the day is 250,694.

Final lecture given by philosopher Takeshi Umehara brings “21st Century Expo 2005 University” to a close.

The scene outside the North Gate at 8:50 am


The World Intangible Cultural Heritage “Nogaku Theater”

Performance along with avant-garde artists realized at the Expo

Participation by five Living National Treasures, including Sensaku Shigeyama


Aichi Prefecture Week Part 2 begins

Theme of “Aichi in the Coming Global Era” (through September 19)

Spectacular fireworks during Aichi Prefecture Week (September 13)


Friendship Film Festival

Documentaries on friendship are shown


Over 20 million visitors

The 176th day of the Expo. With the goal of 15 million visitors achieved on August 18, attendance continues to grow at a fast pace.


Attendance temporarily restricted for the first time 280,000 visitors in a single day

As the venue capacity of 170,000 was greatly exceeded, entrance to the Expo was temporarily limited from 12:50 pm to after 6:00 pm.

Visitors waiting outside the West Gate at 1:00 pm


Shanghai Week begins (through September 25)

PR for the location of the 2010 Shanghai Expo

Women musicians “Twelve Girls Band” performs at Expo Plaza during Shanghai Week


Second Round of Nature's Wisdom Awards


Closing Forum of the Expo 2005 International Forums: “Toward the Creation of Sustainable Society”

Expo Dome


Fifth Meeting of the International Council of Expo 2005

President Ole Philipson makes an announcement concerning the impressions of Expo 2005 and its future legacy expressed by council members. Philipson lauds Expo 2005, holding it up as a model for future world expositions, both in terms of thematic relevance and management.

BIE Secretary General Loscertales (right) and International Council President Philipson (left) at a press conference


Aichi-Shanghai Joint Symposium


BIE Day held at Expo Hall

Special group-reading performance

Wishing for the success of the 2008 World

Exposition in Zaragoza and the 2010 World

Exposition in Shanghai

Performers and representatives of BIE member countries take part in a finale


Crown Prince visits and attends Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony (Expo Dome)

Approx. 2,250 people attend. Honorary President the Crown Prince says that he hopes visitors will take their experiences with them around the world and that this will lead to a movement to address global issues. The BIE flag is passed to Shanghai, the host of the 2010 World Exposition.

Seto Area Grand Finale: “The Pulse of the Earth”

Grand Finale Farewell Party

Expo Plaza, each Global Common, NGO Global Village, and FM Love Earth

Final Ceremony

Morizo and Kiccoro's return to the forest

Flag lowering

Closing Ceremony: People singing “Friends Love Believing Expo 2005”

Flag lowering

End of Expo 2005


Last day sees 244,052 visitors

Since the opening, a total of 22,049,544 visitors

Attendants shake the hands of visitors

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