Princess Sayako visits the Expo (through August 3)

Shops selling official Expo merchandise increased

Morizo and Kiccoro goods wildly popular


Prince Tomohito of Mikasa and his daughter Princess Akiko visit

Attend Turkey's National Day Celebration


World Cosplay Summit 2005 held (Expo Dome)

Individuals and members of groups from Italy, the country that was named the most excellent


Peace Ring 2005: Everyone makes a ring of peace. Some 3,500 people join hands to pray for peace

Nagoya Week begins (through August 14)

A special Expo version of the Middle of Japan Festival, a summer rite in Nagoya

Middle of Japan Festival at the Expo


Goal of 15 million visitors reached!

The 147th day of the Expo. With 38 days remaining, an event is held marking the already accomplished goal of 15 million visitors. A total of 15 prizes worth 5 million, including a Toyota hybrid car, a robot-shaped harbor seal, and a plasma TV, are awarded via drawing.

Event commemorating 15 million visitors at the Expo Plaza


Expo All-Star Parade 2 restarted

This night event that started on July 29 was suspended after August 2 for security problems. The shows restarted on August 8, but not the parade.

Morizo and Kiccoro taking part in the parade


Crown Prince visits (through August 26)

One day before his visit on August 25, he attended the Youth Agricultural Exchange Event in Aichi Prefecture.
This is his fourth visit to the Expo.

As Typhoon No. 11 approaches, precautionary measures are taken, and some evening events cancelled.

The Kiccoro Gondola is stopped.

Trash cans are tied down ahead of the typhoon.


Princess Takamado visits

Theme Forum of the Expo 2005 International Forums for August: “International Symposium on Climate Change: Economic and Industrial Development in Harmony with the Environment”

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