Theme Forum of the Expo 2005 International Forums for June: “Industrial Infrastructure in the Twenty-first Century-A Message for the Development of Eco-Communities”

Princess Akishino visits the Expo


Spain's Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia Ortiz visit the Expo

Princess Takamado visits the Expo

Environment Day: “Cool Biz” fashion show

Former professional baseball manager Senichi Hoshino appears as a model

From left to right: hostess Junko Kubo, Hiroshi Okuda, Senichi Hoshino, and host Kei Shimizu


Crown Prince visits the Expo

Inspects the venue and attends Japan Day event

Japan Day and Japan Week

June 6-12

A performance featuring Sadao Watanabe


Prince Katsura visits the Expo (June 7-8)


Prototype Robot Exhibition begins

Some 65 types of futuristic robots on display (through June 19)

Visitors watch the robots


Pearl Anniversary at the Expo

26 couples celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary


Prince and Princess Hitachi visit the Expo (through June 15)

Attend National Day celebration of Belgium


1,107 group buses arrive at the Expo (single-highest day)

Number of group buses arriving at the Expo comes to 113,285


Water-provision service begins

A total of 24 water coolers in front of each gate

New single-day record: Over 170,000 visitors

Previous record shattered

People helping themselves to water


Million Person Candle Night at the Expo

Preventing global warming with 2,005 candles (NPO Global Village)


Prince Tomohito of Mikasa visits (through June 23)


137th Meeting of the BIE held in Paris

The BIE unanimously adopts a resolution praising the Expo Association and the Japanese government, saying that “The Aichi Expo is a huge success.”

137th Meeting of the BIE (Paris)


Halfway point

According to the Nagoya Meteorological Observatory, the temperature in Nagoya reaches a high of 33.3 degrees; more than 160,000 visitors attend.

Total attendance through 6/25: 9,088,913

Visitors use umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun (June 25)


Meeting of the Expo-Related Otaka Research and Examination Commission

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