Official name

United Mexican States

National Day

09.15.2005 (Thu)

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Mexican Pavilion

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Theme / Exhibition

The exhibits at the pavilion are shown under the theme "Complicatedly Intertwined Diversity: Changing Nature and Culture" against the background of Mexico's unique culture and the national land rich in changes. Changing lighting on the facade of the Mexican Pavilion represents varied species living in Mexico.

At the exhibition hall, visitors can experience four chief ecosystems - sea, desert, forest and jungle - via videos and other visual images. Traditional artifacts, modern art works and ancient collections are also shown. At the end of the pavilion tour, Mexico's attractive sightseeing spots are introduced through multimedia presentations.
The Mexican Pavilion features the adept introduction of Mexican culture, which has respected the environment through its long history, thus paying attention to the existence of animals and plants while effectively utilizing and expressing them.

Food / Drink

At the restaurant, you can enjoy the rich tastes of traditional Mexican dishes.


Shops sell traditional artifacts and various Mexican goods related to the exposition theme.