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04.05.2005 (Tue)

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Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Canada Pavilion is "Wisdom of Diversity," under which it will introduce the country's marvels by way of three concentric spheres linked by a winding path - a Geosphere showing the country's land, water, air and climate, a Biosphere presenting its living legacy of micro-microorganisms, plants, animals and humans, and an Ethnosphere shedding light on the relationships culturally-diverse Canadians have both with nature and with each other.

Visitors will be guided interactively through the pavilion with the help of six virtual hosts, from whom they will learn about Canada's various wonders. They include a stage actress who played the heroine in the Canadian musical ''Anne of Green Gables,'' a Somali-Canadian who hosts a children's television program, a French-Canadian filmmaker, a Chinese-Canadian urban designer and an Inuit company owner.
Not to forget is the Teku-jin -technologically enhanced human guides wearing LCD screens above their heads, small portable computers and wireless cameras to send live images and messages back to Canada over the Web. They will play a supportive role by engaging, informing and entertaining visitors in the line.
In the Geosphere, floor to ceiling images, lights and sound will help visitors discover Canada's natural geographic wonders. From there they will move to the Biosphere and then onto the Ethnosphere at the center, which will show how diverse customs, languages, innovation and creativity coexist in a modern urban setting.
In a separate area of the pavilion is the Cyber Salon, a multimedia forum in which visitors will be able to enjoy such activities as live video-conferences with Canadians in Canada.

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