Estados Unidos (EE..UU.)

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Estados Unidos de América

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06.20.2005 (Mon)

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US Pavilion, World EXPO 2005

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Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the U.S. Pavilion is "The Franklin Spirit." Benjamin Franklin, the inventor who extracted electricity from the clouds, is also hailed as an entrepreneur, a pioneer and one of the Founding Fathers of the nation. On the occasion of Franklin's 300th birthday, he will serve as host at the pavilion.

The pavilion has five main elements - the exterior, the entry corridor, the pre-show, the main show and the post-show. The pavilion's exterior includes a front entrance highlighted by a symbolic representation of the Stars and Stripes. The flag includes a giant LED screen used to scroll images and text across the entire facade. Various entertainment and cultural programs take place under the screen on a stage area in front of the pavilion. Entering the corridor, summer clouds are seen projected on the walls and Franklin's kite string is illuminated overhead. The pre-show involves the visitor traveling through a tunnel of clouds, with a storm growing until it powers an introductory presentation about Franklin and his achievements. For the main show, Franklin is played by a filmed performer projected onto scrims suspended in front of dimensional sets. With the help of layered projected effects, apparitions, electrical fields, floating objects and Franklin himself appear and disappear. The theater also uses strobe lighting and other special effects to heighten what will surely be an entertaining experience.
Finally, for the post-show, frontier-breaking technology and uniquely American innovations mentioned in the main show are exhibited through screen projections and a plaque featuring Franklin explains the potential of each. Through the entire experience, Franklin will undoubtedly give visitors greater insight and teach them the art of unlocking Nature's Wisdom.

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