Official name

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

National Day

07.05.2005 (Tue)

Participant WEB site:

The Jordan National Committee for the Aichi World Exposition

Theme / Exhibition

Jordan has been introducing its diversified nature and culture at world expositions so far held in various countries in the world. This time around, Jordan offers to look into the Dead Sea, called a "mini universe" with a unique ecosystem, and its relations with mankind over 5,000 years. The theme is "Silent Floatation."

Within the pavilion, a module (black box) 18 meters long and wide, and 9 meters high has been created to reproduce the environment of the Dead Sea with water and sand brought from there. Visitors can have a unique experience of "not sinking." The Dead Sea is in danger of extinction due to its receding shoreline, caused by decreases in fresh water intake from the Jordan River. From 1920 to 2000, the water level has dropped 11 meters.
Please enjoy not only the floating experience but also think about the need to hand down the Dead Sea's unique ecosystem to the next generation.


Cosmetics using Dead Sea mud and traditional sweets using herbs are on sale. Visitors can also use mud packs, salt massage and a beauty corner.