Volunteer Guide Program (Goodwill Guides)

This Goodwill Guide (GG) Program, which is sponsored by JNTO, has registered mainly students, housewives, and retired persons to act as volunteer guides and interpreters. The blanket name for all of the organizations around Japan comprised of these volunteers is the Systematized Goodwill Guide (SGG). At present 81 of these volunteer groups have been organized throughout the country, and they are providing their services, such as free local tours, to visitors from abroad in English and other languages.
Many groups offer pre-set walking tours, and others arrange special tours based on tourists’ requests. If calling from overseas to arrange a tour, please keep in mind the time difference between your country and Japan.
Since they are volunteers, there is no charge for their services. You are only expected to pay for their admission to sightseeing facilities if required or for meals if they are taken together.
Feel free to contact any of the volunteer groups if you are planning to travel in an area where such a group is listed. These volunteer guides will surely help make your trip more memorable and rewarding.
For further details, visit the JNTO website: http://www.jnto.go.jp