Aichi Pavilion Nagakute

Exhibitor : Aichi Prefecture

Dancing Directional Towers with Karakuri Doll

The pavilion will display the traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology that are the pride of Aichi Prefecture. There will be many powerful events centered on the Aichi Festival Plaza. The pavilion will raise the question of how an eco-industrial revolution (an industrial revolution that places priority on the environment) should be sparked.

Eco-Industrial Revolution Monument
The symbolic ”moving monument,” which will proudly proclaim the power of Aichi craftsmanship, is the symbol of future society, which will be woven from traditional handcrafted technology and cutting-edge industrial technology.


Dawn of the Eco-Industrial Revolution
The spirit of Aichi craftsmanship and technology that will forge a new age This will introduce the various manifestations of the wisdom and skill found in Aichiç—´ cutting-edge environmental technology, which will open the door to a new age of eco-industrial revolution.


Aichi Festival Plaza
Here there will be energetic performances transmitting the appeals of festivals traditional arts, and entertainment handed down over the generations in the various parts of Aichi and brought to life by the “Explosion of 7.2 Million Citizens' Power.”