Japan Pavilion Nagakute


Exhibitor : Government of Japan
URL : http://www.nippon-kan.jp/

The Japan Pavilion Nagakute will reveal warning signals for humanity on a number of issues, beginning with the environmental problems currently taking place on the Earth, and conduct an examination of the various experiences that Japan faced over the latter half of the twentieth century. In order to use these experiences to overcome the problems of the twenty-first century, the pavilion will make proposals concerning the use of cutting-edge science and technology for the future, along with new lifestyles and social systems.

An Active, Experimental Pavilion
All of the electricity used by the Japan Pavilion Nagakute will be supplied using new forms of renewable energy. This will be an active, experimental pavilion in which visitors can experience new forms of environmental technology and materials, including a cooling effect brought about by a roof made using photocatalytic tiles and sprinkled water, as well as an exterior bamboo cage that reduces the amount of sunlight getting through.


Earth Room
Earth Room will be the world's first perfectly spherical image system. Visitors will undergo an unprecedented experience as they view the current state of the Earth from the inside.