Contents prepared at the Plaza

(1) EXPO Plaza Scope, an attraction for experience of tomorrow's technology

Installed in EXPO Plaza, EXPO Plaza Scope will project a universe that is a hybrid of virtual and real worlds, inhabited by mammoths, whales, and other characters. It will be an attraction that gives Plaza visitors an entertaining taste of the digital image technology of the future. EXPO Plaza Scope will be created with the cooperation of NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and NTT DoCoMo Tokai, Inc.

(2) Numerous other events will be staged with official participants and local governments.

The official participants, prefectural governments, and governments of ordinance-designated cities will hold various events on the stage and in the open space of EXPO Plaza. These events will be held mainly around noontime so that visitors can enjoy them while taking lunch. And in the evening, visitors will be treated to “The Forest Fairy's Ball” produced by Tatsuya Ishii. As such, the Plaza will be the site of appealing events, day after day.

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