Pacific Islands Pavilion

Official name

Pacific Islands Pavilion

Theme / Exhibition

At the Pacific Islands Pavilion, 11 countries scattered throughout the South Pacific are joined together to introduce the life and culture of their people with the theme of "The Beautiful Pacific". There are many symbolic examples and aspects of living in the South Pacific featured throughout the pavilion.

"Kalia" is a large voyaging canoe transported from Tonga. It beautifully portrays the Tongan's mastery of the seas for several millennia. A "Samoan fale" is a traditional Samoan house consisting of only a roof and posts, and this display is a rendition of a larger oval-shaped original structure. Colorful cultural items and rich traditions are introduced as well, such as wooden and stone coins, traditional sea charts, the unique fishing tools from each country and so on.

Food / Drink

Offerings of steamed breadfruit, taro and pork cooked in the traditional manner - on hot rocks over a fire. Also, helpings of roast pig and alligator dishes are available.


Traditional arts and crafts (various pandanus products, woodcarvings, seashell ware, etc.), stamps, music CDs, videotapes, and various food items are for sale.