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National Day

04.21.2005 (Thu)

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Australia at EXPO 2005

Theme / Exhibition

The theme of the Australian pavilion is "We have to protect and preserve our environment for future generations." The pavilion takes visitors on a journey through time, starting back 65,000 years ago, when indigenous people lived in complete harmony with the land. The public exhibition is a story in three parts:

Act One is a high-tech visual display of an ancient baobab tree in the Australian desert showing the power of nature, its rejuvenating qualities and how nature and man coexisted in harmony.
Act Two is called the "Data Forest" - a high-tech "forest" of about 80 plasma screens in the shape of totem poles that project a dynamic and fun image of contemporary Australia through short audiovisual presentations.
In Act Three, visitors meet the star of the Australian pavilion, an 11-meter-long model of a platypus on a riverbank. The platypus was chosen because it existed 65,000 years ago and has remained largely unchanged since that time. It is a small, sensitive creature that requires a clean environment in order to survive. With the cleanup of our riverways, its numbers are starting to grow again. The message here is that by caring about all of our creature we provide the environment for safe and sustainable development in the future.

Food / Drink

Healthy Australian beef, seafood and salads are served along with pure Australian fruit juices and mountain water. Wine and beer are also available.


Items for sale at pavilion shops include clothing, jewelry and other gifts inspired by Australia.