Where to go

Introduction of Tourist Spots

Aichi Prefecture, where EXPO 2005 is being held, is filled with interesting tourist spots. We hope that foreign visitors will use the opportunity of coming to EXPO 2005 to fully explore and enjoy the attractions of Aichi Prefecture. Here we would like to introduce and recommend to you some of the tourist sites that we have chosen from among the many spots available in Aichi.

A rich variety of tourist pleasures that cannot begin to be exhausted in a stay of only a few days await you in Aichi. Among them you will be able to visit historical sites and buildings unique to this region, which was a main arena of Japanese history for a long period, inn towns along the main land routes that offered accommodations to travelers and that still retain the sights and aura of the Edo Period (17th to the middle of the 19th century), picturesque tourist spots with scenery that beautifully changes with each passing season, family-adventure theme parks, spots where you will be able to experience the traditional culture of the region, and much more. And of course a wide range of shopping and gourmet dining choices—from very elegant to amusingly kisch—are available to entertain the tourist from abroad.

We hope that you will fully enjoy, together with your visit to EXPO 2005, the many attractions of Aichi Prefecture.