Postal Services / Internet Use

Postal Services

Post cards and stamps can be obtained at post offices, convenience stores, and kiosks (shops in train stations) all over the country. Post boxes are red or blue and located near intersections and in front of buildings and public facilities. The deposit slot of the post box may differ according to the size of the mail that the post box is designed to accept.

Domestic Postal Rates

Post cards 50 yen
Letters, up to 25g 80 yen
Letters, up to 50g 90 yen

* These rates are for regular-sized letters (14 to 23.5cm long, 9 to 12cm wide, and up to 1cm thick).

International Airmail Rates

  Asia/Guam North and Central America/
Oceania/Europe/Middle East
Africa/South America
Post Cards 70 yen 70 yen 70 yen
Aerogrammes 90 yen 90 yen 90 yen
Letters, up to 25g 90 yen 110 yen 130 yen
Letters, up to 50g 160 yen 190 yen 230 yen

Internet Use

Internet access is widely available in Japan, including broadband services. There are around 69,420,000 Internet users (as of 2002) in Japan, and, of that number, some 19,550,000 people use broadband services (FTTH, DSL, cable internet, wireless, etc.).

Major hotels in Japan provide Internet services, and some lend Internet access equipment to guests. There are also Internet cafes in many cities. NTT digital public telephones and IC Card public telephones also have ISDN capability, and data can be sent by connecting a PC, PDA, etc. with a modular jack extension.

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