International Telephone Calls

International Telephone Calls

A direct overseas connection can be made from the guest rooms of city hotels and from NTT public telephones displaying the Domestic International Card/CoinTelephone panel with a 100 yen coin. Because of the problem of counterfeit telephone cards, however, NTT telephone cards can be used for international calls at only a very limited number of public telephones. Direct dial overseas calls can be made via several telephone companies by using the company’s access number shown below. Rates and systems vary according to company, and as they change frequently, rates should be checked before making overseas calls. Calling from the guest rooms of city hotels is also sometimes more expensive than using a public telephone.

  Direct Call Credit Card Collect Call &
Japan Telecom Co., Ltd 0041 0043 Not available 0088-41
Cable and Wireless 0061 0065 Not available 0066-11
IDC Not available Not available Depends on
receiver’s number
Not available
NTT 0033 Not available Not available


KDDI 001 0055 0051 0057

*Credit cards issued outside of Japan cannot be used for the above services. For more detailed information, contact the telephone companies.

Prepaid Cards

Some companies are issuing prepaid telephone cards that can be used to make overseas calls from public or private telephones using a different method from the one using a 100 yen coin. Several of such cards have additional premiums of around 10%.

Examples of prepaid telephone cards

New Moshi Moshi Card (Japan Telecom)

This card can be used with NTT push-button public telephones, home telephones, and Japan Telecom public telephones.

KDDI Super World Card (KDDI)

This card can be used with NTT push-button public telephones, home telephones, and KDDI public telephones.

IC Card (NTT)

This card can be used with NTT IC Card telephones, which are located in JR stations and other public places.

Country Codes

Australia 61   Brazil 55   Canada 1   China 86
France 33   Germany 49   Netherlands 31   Hong Kong 852
India 91   Indonesia 62   Ireland 353   Israel 972
South Korea 82   Malaysia 60   New Zealand 64   Philippines 63
Singapore 65   Spain 34   Sweden 46   Switzerland 41
Thailand 66   Britain 44   United States (Continental, Alaska, Hawaii) 1

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