Africa Pavilion

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Africa Pavilion

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Africa Pavilion

Theme / Exhibition

The joint African pavilion consists of exhibitions provided by 28 African countries, and exhibits are displayed, from north to south, according to the geographical location of the host countries. Visitors can view virtually the entire African continent as if taking a real tour of the countries concerned. Under the general theme "The Great Ballad of Africa," the exhibitions present colorful attractions of various African countries.

At the center of the pavilion is a symbol zone with a huge object of art that symbolizes the African continent. The zone also features exhibits that tell the story of the oldest fossils of the modern primitive man, a discovery in Africa that buttresses the theory that Homo sapiens originates in the continent. The skulls, discovered in Ethiopia in 1997, have been named Homo sapiens idaltu, the word for "elder" in the local Afar language. A large screen presents "The Cradle of Mankind and Africa: the Mother Nature."
The exhibition areas of the participating countries are filled with exhibits that symbolize their rich cultures and traditions. The art gallery contains native masks, tableware, clothing and other objects that portray the African history and traditions. The facade of the pavilion features wall paintings on African sceneries, enhancing the African mood of the exhibitions.


An African bazaar in the pavilion sells merchandise from the various participating countries.