South Africa

Official name

Republic of South Africa

National Day

04.26.2005 (Tue)

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Theme / Exhibition

The main theme of the exhibition is "Rhythm of Life." The exhibits show some dramatic snapshots of a South African story that starts before the dinosaurs through human settlement, conquest, liberation and the ultimate celebration of freedom.

Among the exhibits is a cast of the so-called "Footprints of Eve," the fossilized human footprints found in South Africa that are at least 80,000 years old. Some of the world's oldest rock paintings are also on display. The coelacanth, a 400-million-year-old "living fossil" fish which predates the dinosaurs by millions of years, discovered alive off the South African coastline, stimulates the imagination and the scientific mind. There is also the story of how modern scientists, working with cutting-edge genetic technology, attempt to bring the extinct kwagga, which was closely related to the zebra, back to life. Other focuses of the exhibition: South African mining and mining technology, some of the many applications of mined resources, bio-diversity, space exploration, and other key research and development projects.


Items available at the pavilion store: South African tea and wines, clothing, handicrafts, designed and manufactured jewelry, books and music CDs.