Daily events & performances

*Based on information available as of 21 December 2004, and subject to change.

In the Evening at Koi Pond

March 25, Friday to September 25, Sunday 20:00 - 20:30 (to be cancelled depending on weather conditions)


A magical tale will unfold against the background of a pond and a forest as symbols of Japan's natural environment. Consisting of four parts (“Earth,” “Life,” “Civilization,” and “Future”) and produced by Robert Wilson, the Evening will be a beguiling dream dramatized with water and light.

The Forest Fairy's Ball

Early April to September 25, Sunday 17:00 - 18:00 (excluding periods of special events)

EXPO Plaza

Tatuya Ishii was involved in all aspects of this new composite art, from story to sets. Dance and computer graphics performance with fairies and sprites conveys the unheard scream of nature.

185 Performance Circuit

March 25, Friday to September 25, Sunday

Mainly at Global Loop and Global Commons

Garbed in dazzling costumes, the performance team Sol Ban Ban will parade along the Global Loop and entertain visitors with their lively dance and musical instruments. In the Global Commons, street performers from various countries will display fabulous,first-rate stunts.

New cultural creation event: Show & Walk, produced by Laurie Anderson

March 25, Friday to late April

EXPO Plaza, Japanese Garden and others

Embodying her unique world, Laurie Anderson's creation will consist of two parts: “Show” and “Walk.” The former will be a work of video art revolving around the theme of “time,” flashed on the big EXPO Vision screen in EXPO Plaza. The latter will consist of art installations that will be set up in the Japanese Garden and use both visual and musical means to enchant visitors walking through them.

New Cultural Creation Event: Laurie Andersen Live

April 2, Saturday; April 3, Sunday


In “Live,” which will be linked to “Show & Walk,” Laurie Andersen will put on a multimedia performance in person under the EXPO Dome.