3. Development for Eco-Communities

Development, preservation of nature, and environmental restoration in the 21st century

Nature in urban communities, nature in rural and satoyama (a woodland area close to human habitat that has provided for human needs) communities, virgin nature, etc.

Proposals for building a global-scale social system based on recycling and energy conservation concepts

How environmental industries work; specific examples of the concept of "recycle, reuse, and reduce"; technologies for energy conservation.

Proposals for lifestyles for a new "global citizen" based on recycling and energy conservation concepts

Displays on lifestyles adapted to the environment in various parts of the world; how to realize eco-communities; and experiments in eco-communities.

Monuments symbolic of eco-communities

Construction of the world's largest ascending kiln using waste materials as fuel, as well as an "eco-road" which is made of the ashes from the kiln; a pavilion built solely from materials recycled from PET bottles and forest thinning.

1. Nature's Matrix

2. The Art of Life

3. Development for Eco-Communities