New Energy Power Generation Plant Demonstrated in the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan


A co-generation plant generating 2180KW and heat, composed of fuel cells, solar panels, and a battery, will be demonstrated in the 2005 World Exposition to supply energy to pavilions, and to show 3R (Reduce, Re-cycle and Re-use). This environmentally friendly plant is expected to be an on-site co-generation system for our future society.

1. Outline of the 2005 World Exposition

For 185 days, about half year, March 25th to Sep. 25th in 2005, a world exposition will be held in Seto-city, Toyota-city and Nagakute-town, Aichi prefecture, Japan. World expositions have been making advance with mankind history since the first world exposition was held at London in 1851. Japan has already held an exposition at Osaka 35 years ago. But as the first world exposition in 21st century, intensive preparations are promoted by Japanese central and local governments at present. An overview of Nagakute exposition area expressed with a computer graphic is shown in Fig. 1. A barrier-free wooden corridor showing deformed loop-shape has been constructed for visitor's easy walk. This corridor is specially named “Global Loop” by the exposition office. Passing through entrance gates, north and west gate, people will walk around on this corridor to visit pavilions.

Fig. 1. Overview of the Nagakute exposition area.

Table 1. Outline of the 2005 exposition.
Official Title: The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi
Abbreviated Title: EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan
Theme: Nature's Wisdom
Sub-theme: Nature's Matrix
Art of Life
Development for Eco-Communities
Duration: March 25th to September 25th. 2005 (185 days)
Location: Nagoya Tobu Kyuryo  (Nagakute Town, Toyota City, Seto City)
Nagakute Site 158ha
Seto Site 15ha
173ha in Total
Expected Number of Visitors: 15million people

Outline of the exposition is summarized in Table 1. Principal concept of the exposition is “Nature's Wisdom”, and subsidiary concepts are “Nature's Matrix”, “Art of Life” and “Development for Eco-communities”. These concepts express fundamental and important relationship between human life and nature. One of the important purposes of this exposition is to provide people an opportunity to think about global problems such as ecology and poverty that we will face at in future, and another purpose is to show a future direction that various cultures of human races should co-exist on our earth with peace and harmony. More than 120 of foreign governments and international organizations have already decided to participate in this exposition. They are now planning wonderful and attractive events for their own national day. The exposition office expects 15 million visitors coming from all over the world. An internet web site is opened ( for further information.