The German cultural programme at EXPO 2005

130 musicians from Cologne, the Carnival capital, to perform on German Day

No. 12 /Aichi 2005

Germany's participation in EXPO 2005 in Aichi will be supported by numerous appearances by German performers within a comprehensive cultural programme ranging from classical concerts to pop music and a taste of the German version of Carnival. The programme is still far from completion, but some initial highlights have already been confirmed.

One of the attractions to be offered on Germany's national day at the EXPO, 13th April 2005, will be a delegation representing the world-famous Carnival celebrations in Cologne. One of the oldest and most traditional German Carnival societies, the Rote Funken (“Red Sparks”), is sending 130 uniformed musicians to play at the opening ceremony of German Day and the evening reception hosted by the German government. Carnival in Cologne is a lively and colourful public festival that's known to the locals as “the fifth season” and celebrated with gigantic parades of costumed enthusiasts. Groups such as the Rote Funken play a key role in the festivities. Another highlight of German Day will be one of the best-known German pop groups: the Söhne Mannheims, led by Xavier Naidoo. The day will conclude with an evening concert by the Choral Academy of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Orchestra. The festival will be one of the highlights of the music scene in Germany in 2005.

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