How much is the admission fee?

One-Day Admission Ticket
Adults: ¥4,600 (Ages 18 to 64)
Juniors: ¥2,500 (Ages 12 to 17)
Children: ¥1,500 (Ages 4 to 11)
Seniors: ¥3,700 (Age 65 and over)

Note: Please refer to the “Tickets” page for further details.

Please tell me more about advance-purchase admission tickets.

There are two types of advance-purchase ticket; “general admission tickets” and “general admission tokens.”

The “general admission tickets” are tickets embedded with an IC chip that do not need to be exchanged when entering the site. (The IC chip makes it possible to provide a range of services such as advance pavilion bookings.)

The “general admission tokens” are tickets that must be exchanged at the site ticket office.

What kinds of admission tickets are available?

General admission tickets, unlimited-use admission tickets usable anytime throughout the duration of the Exhibition, special discount tickets for those with disabilities, evening discount admission tickets, general group discount admission tickets, school group discount admission tickets, weekday family discount admission tickets, and weekday discount 4-pack admission ticket books are available.

Note: Please refer to the “Admission Ticket Information (T4)” page for further details.

Can I gain admission to both the Nagakute and Seto Areas with one admission ticket?

You can enter both the Nagakute and Seto Areas with the same ticket.It is not possible, however, to enter both sites on different days using the same ticket. Another admission ticket must be purchased in order to visit both sites on different days. For those wishing to visit the sites on several occasions, it is recommended that you purchase an unlimited-use admission ticket, usable at anytime throughout the duration of the Exhibition

Is it possible to obtain a refund or exchange a ticket?

In principle, it is not possible to exchange tickets that have already been purchased for other types of admission tickets or tickets for other age groups. However, for those who have purchased general admission tickets without knowing about discount tickets, we will try our best to exchange your tickets at the admission ticket sales office. It has not, however, been the practice to exchange tickets up until now. General admission tickets to unlimited-use admission tickets, special discount admission tickets, and evening discount admission tickets are all subject to exchange. No refunds shall be given.