Issuing Expo Eco-Money

Normally one point will be issued for each environmentally responsible action (“Eco-Action”). At the Expo site, Expo Eco-Money will be issued for the following types of Eco-Actions.

1) 1 point to all visitors to Expo 2005

One point will be automatically credited to every Expo 2005 admission ticket in recognition of the Expo's environmental theme.

2) Participation in environmental programs

Visitors who participate in the following environmental programs implemented during the Expo

period will receive Expo Eco-Money credits.

* Eligible environmental programs (As of March 3 — Negotiations are in progress with a view to expanded participation.)

Expo Eco-Money Center, Eco Link, NGO Global Village, Japan Pavilion Nagakute (Dokodemo Nippon-kan participants), Natural Food Café (run by the NPO BeGood Cafe), Expo Eco Tours, Nature School Forest, Aichi Pavilion Seto, Village Nature School

3) Eco Shopping Without Shopping Bags

Expo Eco-Money will be issued to people who buy eco goods or refuse shopping bags when making purchases in shops in official participants' pavilions or shops run by NPOs and other organizations.

* Tentative list of participating pavilions and shops (As of March 3 — Negotiations are in progress with a view to expanded participation.)

Republic of Italy, India, United Nations, Republic of Zimbabwe, Republic of Korea, United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Tunisia, Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Vanuatu, Republic of Burundi, Kingdom of Belgium, Portuguese Republic, United Mexican States, Romania Natural Food Cafe (run by the NPO BeGood Cafe)

4) Visitors Using Eco Cars

The Expo Eco-Money Center will issue Expo Eco-Money credits to visitors who arrive at the park-and-ride areas around the Expo site in eco cars (certified low-emission vehicles). The credits will be issued after a copy of the vehicle's inspection certificate has been shown at the Expo Eco-Money Center.