General Coverage Guidelines (IMPORTANT)

To Foreign Media

Thank you for your application to cover EXPO 2005, Aichi, Japan. Certain procedures are required before you can enter the Expo site for the purposes of media coverage.

Please study the following information, and then complete and return the attached documentation.

1. Media Accreditation

Media Accreditation pass is required for the site coverage. Please refer our official website ( “For Press Only” page for the detail information or contact to Public Relations and Advertising Group, International PR group.

To collect the media pass on the day of your visit, please call at the Media Pass Issuance Desk at the West Gate of the Nagakute Area between 9am and 3pm. The West Gate is 10 minute on foot from Koen‐Nishi Station on the Linimo (maglev) line.

* Please note that you cannot enter the site from the North Gate or East Gate.

2. Coverage Plan

Please enter the required information, including the desired date for your visit, and the content of your report, in the Coverage Plan Sheet (see attachment). At some pavilions it will be necessary to make arrangements in advance, and there are also pavilions in which no media coverage and photography are permitted during opening hours. If possible, please check the pavilions that you wish to cover by means of the official websites or other sources before completing the forms.

3. Media Coverage of Corporate Pavilions and National Pavilions

Please apply in advance directly to the corporate or national pavilions that you wish to visit. If required, we can provide a list of PR contacts for corporate pavilions. For national pavilions, please inform us of the pavilions that you wish to visit, and we will provide contact details for PR staff.

4. Interviews

If you wish to conduct interviews, please inform us in advance of the type of official that you wish to meet, the questions that you wish to ask, the desired location (in a conference room or on the site), and other relevant information.

5. Use of Wireless Equipment

Wireless equipment, including wireless microphones, can only be brought onto the site if it has been approved in Japan. (Please comply with this rule at all times, in order to avoid interference with wireless systems used in robots and pavilions.) Even if wireless equipment has been approved, it needs to be registered in advance. Please make an application using the appropriate form, which will be provided on request.

6. Vehicle Access to Site

When visiting the site by vehicle, it is necessary to register the vehicle, secure a parking space and arrange an admission for the driver. For further information, please contact Public Relations and Advertising Group, International PR group.

7. Other Important Information

(1) There are special contact points for inquiries concerning broadcast links and video transmission or editing, etc. We will put you in contact with the staff members concerned if you intend to engage in these activities.

(2) Filming is not allowed in Japan Pavilion Nagakute, Japan Pavilion Seto, and Satsuki and Mei's House while these facilities are open. It will be necessary to carry out filming before opening or after closing, and in either case permission is required.

(3) A prior application is required for coverage of the Global House, Mammoth exhibit and robots, and we will need to discuss the content of such coverage.

(4) We have archived video and photographs that can be used by the media. An application may be required, and in some cases costs may be incurred. Please contact us for further information.

(5) Restrictions other than those listed above may apply. Please provide as much detail as possible in your coverage plan and seek advice from a member of our staff.

(6) There is a media center at the site with a shared media room and various resources, including a variety of media information. Please feel free to use this facility, which is located on the second floor of Global Common 5 in the Nagakute Area.

(7) Coin‐operated baggage lockers are available at the West Gate. There are also small lockers in the Media Center.

If you need further information about any of the preceding matters, please feel free to contact us.

Public Relations and Advertising Group International PR group
Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition

Tel: 81‐561‐61‐7383
Fax: 81‐561‐61‐7605