Selection of winners in the design contest for the EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN Linimo car bodies

The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition has determined the winning entries in the contest for creation of body graphic designs for the Linimo linear-motor railway system manufactured with the support of the Nippon Foundation. The contest was held from 24 August to 31 October 2004.

The contest attracted 150 entries from within Japan and 134 from other countries, for a total of 284. The panel of judges selected the winning entries through a judging process that took place on November 1 and 2. The winners are listed in the table below.

Design contest winners

*First prize

Urso S. A. Chappell, male, 37 years old. designer, “Nature's Colors”

*Second prize

Tokue Sakamoto, female, 32 years old, designer, “Nature and the Throb of Life”

* Third prize

Yuko Iida, female, 20 years old, special vocational school student, “Linking People and the Earth with Love”

Soichiro Shimizu, male, welfare center employee, “Untitled” (Nature's Wisdom)

Yeoh Guan Hong, male, 32 years old, designer, “The sensate of nature”

Toshihiko Irie, male, 34 years old, design office employee, “Mountains Move

(Special prize), Naoko Matsumoto, female, 11 years, primary school student, “Nature is My Friend”