Restaurants, Bars and Shops

What kind of restaurants and bars are available?

Among the dining facilities available, you will be able to sit down and enjoy a relaxing meal in a wide variety of eateries including 3 dining restaurants, 4 themed restaurants, 2 family restaurants, and 1 restaurant serving up boxed meals from a famous old restaurant. In addition to these, there are also 8 buffet restaurants allowing you select freely from a range of dishes, 3 food courts, and for those wishing to eat on the go, there are as many as 17 fast-food outlets offering excellent takeout menus.

You can also expect to find eating areas and food shops inside the overseas and corporate pavilions.

What kind of shopping facilities are available?

You will find a great range of shopping facilities including 3 shops selling official Morizo and Kiccoro commemorative character goods, 19 general stores offering a great selection of original sundry goods and popular confectionary ideal for souvenirs, and 4 convenience stores providing just about everything you could possibly need.

In addition to the above facilities, there is also a “Photo Service” offering a general photo shop and group photo shoots, and a “Postal & Temporary Left Baggage Service” providing postal services, a place for you to temporarily store your belongings for safekeeping, and coin operated lockers.

Can I take food into the site?

We kindly ask that you refrain from taking food into the site and make use of the restaurants and shops provided. There are exceptions, however, for those with allergies or special dietary restrictions. Taking food into the sites may be permitted in the case of groups such as for school events.

Are visitors allowed to bring box lunches into the site?

Visitors are allowed to bring along box lunches prepared in the home.

We ask visitors who bring box lunches along to make sure they have been properly cooked and to use refrigerants to keep foods from spoiling. The rules regarding the carry-in of other foods and beverages are as follows.

Articles Allowed / not allowed Cautions
The following articles carried by groups of students from elementary/junior high schools, kindergartens, or nursery schools. Box lunches Yes * Box lunches brought along under the supervision of the teacher and meeting certain conditions.
Thermos bottles Yes  
Fruits Yes  
Snack food Yes  
Box lunches and other cooked foods purchased at convenience stores, etc. No  
Beverages in PET bottles, regular bottles, or cans No * If you want to bring in items required because of conditions or age (such as a portable oxygen supply, enteral nutriments, and baby foods), please inform the security people and obtain their permission.
Alcoholic beverages No