Exhibition Site Facilities

What kinds of pavilions are there?

The Nagakute Area will be offering the opportunity to experience a wealth of cultural exchanges such as memories and the future of the earth, traditional arts and the most advanced technologies, and global culture and festivals. The “Global Commons (featuring overseas pavilions)” and “Global Loop (horizontal walkway)” will form the basic platform of this site in order to realize the theme of a “Grand Intercultural Exchange.”

The Seto Area will be a more symbolic zone designed to realize the theme of “Nature's Wisdom” while paying the utmost attention to the conservation of our natural environment.

Note: Please refer to the “Pavilion” page for further details.

How do I get to and from the various facilities inside the sites?

There are trams, a Kiccoro gondola, Morizo gondola, an IMTS (Intelligent Multimode Transit System), and an FC (fuel cell powered) bus.

Note: Please refer to the “IMTS, Tram, Gondola, FC Bus” page for further details.

Can I use my camera or video camera inside the pavilions?

In order to ensure maximum enjoyment for all visitors, certain restrictions have been placed on the use of cameras, video cameras and tripods inside each of the pavilions. Please ask at each of the facilities for more details on these restrictions.

What kind of security measures will be in place?

In an effort to prevent hazardous items being take into the sites, visitors will be required to pass through a metal detector gate and will be subject to bag searches at all entrance gates.

We hope you will appreciate that these measures have been adopted to ensure the safety of all our visitors.