Opening Session March


Nature’s Wisdom / Rhythm of the Earth ~Eitetsu Hayashi Concert~

On Monday, March 28, “Nature’s Wisdom / Rhythm of the Earth — Eitetsu Hayashi Concert” of EXPO 2005 INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS was held in the EXPO Dome within the EXPO site to enrich the opening of the EXPO 2005 INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS Message Event in a spectacular way.

Eitetsu Hayashi who is an outstanding world-class Taiko (Japanese drum) performer and who acted as a bridge between EXPO HANOVER where he gave a spectacular show and EXPO 2005 AICHI, presented a dynamic Taiko performance, together with Keisuke Doi who played the Shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and members of Eitetsu Fu-Un no Kai (Whirlwind Association). The EXPO AICHI site resounded with the majestic performance of Japanese drums that echo the ancient heart beat of the earth and, at the same time, express the modern age powerfully, extending an acoustic message to a future colored with Nature’s Wisdom.

Eitetsu Fu-un no Kai

Eitetsu Hayashi


Keisuke Doi