Theme Session June


"Toward the Realization of'Eco Community'~ Message from Children ~"Philippine Children's Folk Dance Company,"Children of Mother Earth"

Sunday, June 5

On a Sunday in the warm sunshine of early summer, the EXPO site was overcrowded with visitors. On this day, two performances were presented by the Philippine Children’s Dance Company, “ Mga Anak ni Inang Daigdig (Children of Mother Earth)” in the EXPO Hall of EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN under the title of “Toward the Realization of ‘Eco Community’ ~ Message from Children ~.“ And, in order to see this traditional Philippine dance presented by Philippine children, from early in the morning, crowds rushed to gather at the EXPO Hall which was almost full for the performance of that day.

In the performance by the Philippine Children’s Folk Dance Company, “Children of Mother Earth,” unique Philippine spirituality, the importance of conserving rich culture and nature, as well as a proposal to society to prevent environmental destruction were expressed in the beautiful and impressive full-scale folk dance through the original songs and dances of the Philippines. On the stage where you could feel the children’s wishes and hopes in each one of the dance numbers, this was a delightful and entertaining presentation in the form of traditional dance, expressing a generous-hearted and optimistic mind as well as deep faith in the religion of the people living in the Philippine culture and climate. And, in the finale, the children took off their beautifully ornamented ethnic costume to reveal the real face of the people living in Smoky Mountain, as the hall resounded with their songs of prayer to the earth bringing the entire audience to an emotional high.

In addition, students of Anjo Minami Junior High School of Anjo City that has long been involved in activities to support the people in Smoky Mountain made a special appearance on the second stage (in the evening) to sing songs together with the children of the dance company. In such a way, the children of both countries had a happy time mixing together not only on the stage, but also in the dressing room.

A scene from the performance