Theme Session April


"Sound and Form of the Earth ~ Cultural and Biological Diversity"

On Thursday April 7, three programs of the EXPO 2005 INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS were presented in the EXPO Dome of EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN under the theme of "Sound and Form of the Earth ~ Cultural and Biological Diversity."

On that day, a chilly day with the cold air of the forest in Nagakute piercing visitors to the bone, even though it was already April, creative performances, workshops and talk shows where participants learned from and expressed nature were held for the enjoyment of all visitors.

First up was "Hosei Takeda's Hana (Flower) Performance: ~ kaze irodori (Wind and Color) ~ " This was a performance in which flowers were arranged on objects made from natural materials together with the music and dances of fairies. The collaboration of the extemporaneous flower arrangement by Hosei Takeda, an interior designer representative of Japan, dances and music was beautifully presented.

This was followed by "Live with Nature's Wisdom" ~ Demonstration of YUBIAMI (finger knitting) and talk show. Starting with talks by Dr. Kisou Kubota (Professor emeritus of Kyoto University / Doctor of Medicine), Ms. Mako Hattori (TV personality) and Mitsuhiro Hirose (knit designer), YUBIAMI was demonstrated to the 2000 visitors who had filled the hall to take part in the demonstration. It was a unique event in which visitors were able to physically learn the importance of using their hands to communicate with nature for the benefit of the minds, bodies, brains and lifestyles of human beings.

And, in the theme concert, the last item on this day's program, the concert by the Grace Nono & Bob Aves Group from the Philippines was presented under the title of "Tapestry of Multicultural Music. "There, thoroughly deserving of the label of a concert of "Cultural Diversity," the unique acoustic world of the Philippines with their diverse culture as the background was unfurled. In addition, Hosei Takeda's pieces of work, the flower art, were placed on the stage to represent the collaboration between the artists of Japan and the Philippines.