"Water-sprinkling (Uchimizu)" Campaign with a One Million Internet Circulation


The particulars of the projects(schedule, performers, etc)are subject to change without advance notice.

Event overview

On hot days between July 1 and Augast 31 an appeal will be sent from Kaisho Plaza to sprinkle water for cooling purpose. Water to be used is reusing bath tub water or rain water and the appeal will be pased through Internet. Participants are solicited by New Generation Net, for nationwide practice of "Uchimizu"(water-sprinkling).


2005.07.27 - 2005.07.27

Performance information

Gates open at:

2005.09.01 11:30 AM

Show starts at:

2005.09.01 12:00 PM

Show ends at:

2005.09.01 1:30 PM


Seto Area > Kaisho Plaza


Unreserved seats only.