Collaborated by Uncompressed HD over IP - "Real Project"

Event overview

The world's first super-high quality internet video conference! It connects the Expo Plaza and Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Experience the future provided by Japanese leading technology!


2005.06.09 - 2005.06.09

Hosted by:

WIDE Project, Keio University

Performance information

Gates open at:

2005.06.09 12:00 PM

Show starts at:

2005.06.09 12:45 PM

Show ends at:

2005.06.09 1:30 PM


Central Zone > EXPO Plaza


EXPO PLAZA:Thane A. Camus, Morizo & Kiccoro Makuhari:Shuji Nakamura, Akane Hagiri, Jun Murai


Unreserved seats only.

Supported by:

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


NTT Group, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, MediaLive Japan Inc., Powerplay Inc.