Vertically Installed Solar Panels with Double-sided Reception Capability

- Hitachi Group Pavilion -

You will see (silicon single-crystal) solar panels installed near the Hitachi Group Pavilion waiting area. These panels have an innovative structure for light reception on both sides of the panels. The generated power is used by visual presentation equipment. The amount of electricity produced is constantly measured, with the result shown on the video equipment, so that visitors can get a sense of the actuality.

Conventional solar panels receive light on only one side and must be inclined so as to receive as much light energy as possible. In contrast, panels that receive light on both sides are installed vertically (maximum reception as the sum of both sides). This enables substantial reduction in installation frames and other materials. The double-sided solar panel provides increased flexibility in installation direction. Compared with the one-sided solar panel, the double-sided panel is approximately 1.3 times more effective in annual power generating capacity. Another advantage of vertical installation is freedom from accumulated snow, dirt, bird droppings and the like, which can result in decreased electricity generation and conversion efficiency. Vertical installation also enables an increased number of applications, for example, use as fencing.

Vertically installed solar panels

Panels under construction

The outer fence of the Global Loop near the West Gate features these panels and is incorporated in the New Energy Plant.

It is no longer uncommon to see solar panels. However, various technical innovations are still under way. You will realize this as you visit the exhibition site and look at and hear the variety of exhibits.

For further information, visit the website Hitachi Group Pavilion (Environmental Friendliness).