Development of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report

We have explained that the procedure of environmental assessment entails surveys, forecasts and evaluations regarding the environmental impact of a planned development project. Let us take you through the specific processes of assessment.

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and related regulations, the need for an environmental assessment is determined by the scale of the planned development project. However, assessment is required for a small to medium project as well, if the project is expected to have great impact on the environment. If assessment is deemed necessary, the parties involved must conduct the assessment in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the Law and other related regulations. Although the 2005 World Exposition does not require assessment from a legislative point of view, the parties involved have promoted assessment activity based on a Cabinet resolution in December 1995, stating environmental impact assessment should be implemented appropriately prior to the opening of the 2005 World Exposition.

The environmental impact assessment procedure begins with the determination of assessment methods, followed by the assessment itself, then development of the environmental impact assessment briefing report, and development of the environmental impact assessment report. In the course of this procedure, the relevant parties must invite opinions from local residents, experts and governmental agencies, modify the process accordingly, and complete the environmental impact assessment report.

The Environmental Affairs Group of the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition completed and publicized the relevant environmental impact assessment report in June 2002, which indicated public permission for project commencement. At a later stage, four follow-up survey (and forecast/estimation) reports were also completed, creating a file 30 centimeters thick.

The environmental impact assessment report and follow-up survey reports for EXPO 2005

A PDF file titled “Outline of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report Regarding the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan” was published at the same time as the completion and issuance of that report, in June 2002. See the file for the report summary.

This PDF file can be found under June 25, 2002, in the Process of Environmental Impact Assessment.