Measures of environmental concern in Morizo and Kiccoro goods and other EXPO items (Official goods shops)

The Morizo & Kiccoro stuffed toys, pin badges, and other such mascot goods are key promotional tools for EXPO 2005. Even before the EXPO opening, they were made available for sale at department stores, station kiosks, and other sites where crowds gather, and proved to be popular with the public. The company that was licensed by the EXPO 2005 Association to engage in licensing for business using Morizo & Kiccoro and to operate shops selling official EXPO goods on the site during the EXPO run was designated as the EXPO 2005 master licensee office (AMLO). AMLO pursued studies with a view to reflecting concern for the environment in the production and sale of such goods. (The number of products involved is projected to ultimately reach the range of 5,000 - 6,000.)

Seminar on concern for the environment(Sept. 2004)

AMLO has led repeated study groups and seminars to determine advisable measures of environmental concern with the cooperation of private-sector groups promoting green procurement. Bringing together product manufacturers (about 250 firms) as well as distributors, department stores, and other sales-related parties, these activities have considered not only products and materials but also the stages of procurement, physical distribution, and store operation.

Simplified packaging

The following are examples of measures of environmental concern taken as a result of these studies.

1) Resource and energy conservation

  • Minimal use of candy boxes and paper underlays
  • Minimal wrapping

2) Active use of recycled materials

  • Use of recycled paper for boxes, underlays, and other paper products
  • Products using scrap wood from thinning and cutting
  • Recycled pottery
  • Products made with used fabric

3) Reduction of environmental pollutants

  • Avoidance of chlorine bleaching and dying of apparel items
  • Use of ink made with soy oil for printing

Simplified packaging Environment-friendly features noted on a box

4) Other measures

  • Efforts to reduce distribution of plastic bags by cash register operators, by having them ask customers if they need bags
  • Use of environment-friendly plastic bags (made of biodegradable plastic, etc.)
  • Breeding of an awareness of green purchasing through labeling of environment-friendly products, etc.
  • Reduction of waste through more efficient product shipment ("eco-shipment")

We would like all visitors who buy souvenirs at EXPO grounds to know that their purchases are imbued with environmental concern.