Title of Technology

Technology to prevent global warning and secure sustainable energy

Title of Technology Nominee Country
SLIVER cells: Revolutionary photovoltaic solar cells Origin Energy Solar Australia
Spheral SolarTM Technology Spheral Solar Power, A division of ATS Automation Tooling System Inc. Canada
Convenient air conditioning with solar energy Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu, SOLITEM Ltd. Germany
Carmanah solar-powered LED lighting Carmanah Technologies Corporation Canada
Development and Promotion of Geothermal Energy Utilization System Misawa Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Japan
Ventilation System Utilizing Geothermal Energy, GEO Power System GEO Power System Co., Ltd Japan
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University Japan
TidEL Free stream tidal generator system SMD Hydrovision UK
Production of Hydrogen Through the Splitting of Water with Solar Energy AEROSOL AND PARTICLE LABORATORY, CERTH/CPERI Greece
Fuel cell cogeneration system for residential use and hydrogen fueling station-related technology Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd./ Osaka Gas Co. Ltd./ Toho Gas Co, Ltd. Japan
Current-switching low standby power consumption Intelligent Power Device (IPD) series Matushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Semiconductor Company Japan
Heat pump hot water boiler for home use that uses carbon dioxide as coolant Denso Corporation/ Tokyo Electric Power Company/ Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Japan
Heat Pump Hot Water Production Quantum Energy Technologies Pty Ltd Australia
Gas engine cogeneration system for residential use - “ECOWILL” Osaka Gas Co, Ltd./ Toho Gas Co., Ltd./ Seibu Gas Co., Ltd./ Noritz Corp. / Chofu Seisakusho Co., Ltd./ Honda Motor Co., Ltd Japan
U-Vacua,” “Chip-Vacua” High-efficiency Insulation Development Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.,  Matsushita Home Appliances Company, Corporate Engineering Division, Refrigeration Research Laboratory
Transparent Thermal Insulation Theophilos Ioannides Greece
Houses without Heating Systems Mr. Hans Eek, IVL-Svenska Miljöinstitatet Sweden
S-HOUSE: passive solar house made of renewable materials Grat-Center For Appropriable Technologie-Vienna University of Technologie Austria
Toyota Hybrid System Toyota Motor Corporation Japan
Sky Sails SkySails GmGH&Co.KG Germany
High-Performance Industrial Furnace Japan Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Association Japan
Water-Retentive Pavement Taisei Rotec Corporation/Saitama University Japan

Technology for effective use and recycling of resources

Title of Technology Nominee Country
An Eco-Process for Fuel Oil Production from Municipal Waste Plastics Shin, Dae Hyun South Korea
P.E.T. bottle to P.E.T. bottle recycling technology Teijin Fibers Limited Japan
FPCO Recycling System for Polystyrene Foam Food Tray FP Corporation Japan
WARC method -- Recycling used automobiles in a converter system Yawata Works/ Nippon Steel Corporation/ West-Japan Auto Recycle Co., Ltd. Japan
Converting Waste Tires into Recyclable Resources by Using Steelmaking Infrastructure Nippon Steel Corporation Japan
Recycling Technology of Rubber Waste Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. Japan
Molectra Integrated Waste Tyre Recycling Technology John Dobozy Australia
Low-temperature hydrothermal solidification technology of inorganic materials INAX Corporation Japan
Solidification recycling technology of construction sludge with advanced stabilization treatment Osaka Bentonite Co-op Japan
Production of eco-cement from municipal incineration ash ICHIHARA ECOCEMENT CORPORATION Japan
Technology for Utilizing Paper Sludge to Make Paper with 100 % Recycled Materials Pulp and Paper Technology Section in The Fuji Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture Japan
Recycling Technology of Organic Effluent from Offset Printer Paper & Printing Research Center of the Hiroshima Research & Development Center of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan
Establishment of Ceramic Ware Recycle Technology, System and Network Green Life 21 Project Japan
Chemical Recycling by Pressurized Two-Stage Gasification Ube Industries, Ltd./ Ebara Corporation Japan
"Nature's Wisdom"-the example of the Eco-Park Hartberg Stadtwerke Hartberg Verwaltungs GmbH Austria
Environmentally Friendly Detergent which Needs Half the Usual Amount Mr. Leif Lof, Keimbolaget I Brommja AB Sweden
Fortification of sustainable forestry in the printing area arvato AG Germany

Technology to utilize biomass resources

Title of Technology Nominee Country
Ultra-High Performance Fermentation Process for Organic Wastes that Uses Waste Paper and Production Techniques for High-Quality, Multi-Functional Fertilizer Kenichi Iwabuchi Japan
Compost Evaluation Technology Using Biological Sensor (Seed Germination Index Method) Compost Quality Index Workshop, Representative: JPec Co., Ltd. Japan
Organic Fertilizer Pilot Plant under the Clinic Technology Project Dr. Saksit Tridech, Director of Clinic Technology Cum Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology Thailand
Home BIOGAS SYSTEM Gerardo P. Baron Philippines
Biogas Plant Alternative Energy Promotion Centre Nepal
Device for converting waste edible oil into diesel fuel (Elf A3 type) Elf Corporation Japan
Development of the new recycling system for Shochu waste Project for Development of the new recycling system for Shochu waste Represented by Kyushu Medical Japan

Technology to utilize forest/wood resource

Title of Technology Nominee Country
Wood Biomass Power Generation Meiken Lamwood Corporation Japan
Biomass Gasification and Co-generation System Chugai Ro Co., Ltd. Japan
Production of ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass Koji Miwa, Executive Officer and General Manager, Bio Business Development Department, Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. Japan
Polygeneration-Biomass Power Station Gussing Europaisches Zentrum fur erneuerbare Energie Gussing GmbH Austria
“Ecology Dry System” – A lumber intensifying plant EDS Laboratory Co., Ltd. Japan
Wood Compression Technique of Wood My Wood 2 Corporation Japan
Manufacture of Eco-Friendly New Wood Material "Buster Board" Without Use of Adhesive Mitsuhiko Tanahashi (Applied Biological Science Dept. in Gifu University)/ Rail Flower Co./Kaminoho Domestic Timber Processing Cooperative Japan
Manufacture of plastic-like molded substance using wood material Aichi Industrial Technology Institute/Emeritus Professor Nagoya University Yoji Kikata, /Chunichi Seiko Co., Ltd. Japan
Eco Dome structures: leem building -renewable material- large spans Häring Corp. Ltd. Switzerland (structural design in harmony with nature) Switzerland

Technology for conservation and recovery of nature

Title of Technology Nominee Country
Reforestation by mycorrhizal fungi Makoto Ogawa (The General Environmental Technos Co., Ltd.) Japan
Promotion and dissemination of conservation technique for preserving tropical rainforest through the Amazon Gunma Rainforest The North Brazil Gunma Association (the Amazon Gunma Rainforest) Japan
Nature conservation and soil management technologies integrated in the economy of rural desertification- prone regions LPN-LEAGUE FOR THE PROTECTION OF NATURE Portugal
Conservation system for wild orchids in tropical rain forests by utilizing regional characteristics through the introduction of ecotourism APROVACA/COSPA Panama
Ecotourism in National Parks of Madagascar National Network of Protected Areas-Madagascar, Parcs Nationaux Madagascar-Association Nationale pour la Gestion des Aires protégrées(PNM-ANGAP) Madagascar
Techniques to Restore Natural Shores Incorporated nonprofit organization Asaza Project (Asaza: floating heart) Japan
Winter-flooded Rice Field System Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection Japan
Rice Paddy Management Approach that Protects Both Agriculture and Biological Diversity through Learning from Tradition Nishihara Shougo Japan
The Project of Biological Way of Life for the Sustainable Development The Project of Biological Way of Life for the Sustainable Development of EGAT Thailand
Mulch rice transplant method using recycled paper Institute for Recycled Paper Farming Japan
Patented Technology for Environmental Protection System with Reduced Pesticide Use in Paddy Field Hinohikari Production Group' of JA Green Ohmi (Chairman: Kinji Fujita) Japan

Technology for countermeasure against environmental pollutant

Title of Technology Nominee Country
Practical Application of Small Incineration System Combining Gasification and Combustion with Dioxin Adsorption and Removal Miura Co., Ltd. Japan
Commercialization of catalysts for desulfurization of diesel and gasoline Catalysts & Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd. Japan
Nucleic-acid-based biosensors for environmental assessment of toxic chemicals Oana Nanmanona Frîncu, Counsellor, National Environmetal Protection Agency/Prof. Dr. Anton Ciucu, University of Bucharest, Facult of Chemisry Romania
Electro-Reclamation(ER) L.C. de Zeeuw, HAK Milieutechniek BV Netherlands
MetaMizer Clinical & Sharps Waste Conversion Technology Mr. Mark H. Butler, Executive Chairman, MediVac Limited Australia

Technology for preserving drinking water and water resources

Title of Technology Nominee Country
“READ-F” Toshio Yotsumoto, Environmental Business Department, Nihonkaisui Co., Ltd. Japan
Drinking water protection BioSoil b.v. Netherlands
MIEX® Technology-Advanced Dissolved Organic Carbon Removal Orica Advanced Water Technologies Pty Ltd Australia
Slow Sand Filtration Technology Focusing on Algal Production Nakamoto Nobutada, Prof. of Shinshu University Japan
Total Harmony Alliance System (T.H.A. River and Lake Water Purification System)(Black sludge can be removed by microorganism) Daiei Co., Ltd. Japan
Advanced technology to treat city wastewater for securing water resource Research and Development Group on Advanced Treatment of Urban Sewage as a part of Joint-Research Project for Regional Intensive of Nagoya City Represented by Eiji Iritani Japan
Biolytix Waste Treatment System BiolytixTM Technologies Australia
Discharged Water Fractionation Disposal System that Separates and Collects over 99% of Oil Content and Converts it into Resources Daitogiken Co., Ltd. (Mr. Hideo Saito, Chief Executive) Japan
Reverse Osmosis for the Recovery of Waste Water form Laundries(H.E.R.O.) Ecolab GmbH & Co. OHG Germany
Water Management and Waste Water Treatment Paques B.V. Netherlands
“Eco-Zn Plating” with no wastewater treatment Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute/ Sanshin Mfg, Co., Ltd., Shiragane Plating Co., Ltd./ Chuo Seisakusho, Ltd./ Yuken Industry, Co., Ltd. Japan
Rainwater Control and Reusing System Enlighten Corporation Japan

Technology to lead to new development for sustainable society

Title of Technology Nominee Country
Earth Simulator Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC)/NEC Japan
"Queimadas"-a program on Vegetation Fires INPE Brazil
Improved biomass stove Ministry of Energy and Mines Eritrea
Kinkiizi Electricity Generating Stove(KEGS) Arnold Ahimbisibwe Uganda
Hybrid System for the Water Disposal in Little Scale in the Tropics Christian J. Rojas Reina Venezuela
Solar Lighting Energy Himalayan Light Foundation Nepal
Community Managed Rural Energy Technologies Rural Energy Development Programme(REDP) Nepal
Waste Coco Coir for Geotextiles for Sustainable Development Dr. Justino R. Arboleda Philippines
International distribution of a new technology of making paper from banana stems with no chemical and energy consumed -- based on the traditional Japanese paper-making techniques Hiroshi Morishima Japan
"SWEET POSY OF ZAGREB"-candied edible flowers VISNJA MCMASTER Croatia
SME Consulting for Cleaner Production and Eco-Efficiency Effizienz-Agentur NRW Germany
Eden Project Environments for Environmental Education Eden Project UK
Mass Production of Fullerenes Frontier Carbon Corporation Japan
Environmental Purification by Visible-Light Photocatalysis Yasunori Taga,
Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc.
Development of water-based photocatalytic coating TOTO Ltd. Japan
Information management system with μ-Chip and Environmental impact evaluation method (System Integration - Life Cycle Assessment) Hitachi, Ltd. Japan