Experience the Cool Dry Mist at Wonder Circus-Electric Power Pavilion

It is commonly said that summer in Nagoya is boiling. EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan is held in the neighborhood of Nagoya during a period that includes midsummer. We have therefore devised various ideas to ensure that visitors feel as comfortably cool as possible. These include the “dry mist” technology, which is designed to alleviate the discomfort of intense outdoor heat.

The Wonder Circus-Electric Power Pavilion is equipped with dry mist generators in a surrounding 300 square-meter area where visitors queue under the roof for entry, as well as in the 60 square-meter area surrounding the event stage in its front yard. The Mist generator experiments are now underway in a huge tent in the suburban area of Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture.

The dry mist generators will be installed to help visitors queueing in front of the pavilion feel as cool as possible. The generators spray artificial mist in ultra-minute particles at a height of four meters, thus removing heat from surrounding air by evaporation; this cooled air descends to the ground, cooling those in line. Because the mist is made of ultra-minute particles, it evaporates very quickly, and hardly feels wet.

A nozzle shoots out dry mist

A huge tent for dry mist experiments

Experiments have proven that the mist lowers the temperature by two or three degrees on average. To gain the same effect with air conditioners would require twenty times as much energy as these generators. They are therefore ideal cooling equipment, from an environmental point of view.

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